Friday, December 20, 2019

"Bible Commish" Still Ugly

Yesterday we mentioned a news item concerning a newly-published booklet from the Vatican.

Topic was homosexuality.

What we loosed into the pixels was not ..........quite.........100% accurate--largely because the booklet is not available in English, nor is it available in complete form on the Intertubes.

But others have taken a look at it, and Skojec summarizes the state of play very well.

The study is 300 pages, and does not exist in English, or even in a fully-accessible online format. There is no doubt it will be examined more carefully in the weeks and months to come. That said, the fact that homosexuality is discussed in a PBC document without clear condemnation and with a “marketplace of ideas” approach offering equal time to opposing views is sufficiently concerning in and of itself.

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