Thursday, December 12, 2019

Jim Sullivan, Extra-Special Voter!

The usual disclaimer:  I don't live in Milwaukee County.  You guys can do what you want.

Jim Sullivan, an attorney (there's a warning, people!!) will run for Milwaukee County Executive.

The newspaper failed to mention a kerfuffle with Jim Sullivan's name all over it, so I'll quote Eggster:

– Mark Belling pointed out, even as I type, that Wauwatosa’s city clerk, Carla Ledesma, altered official election records to remove evidence of double voting by state Senator Jim Sullivan. I do not trust Wauwatosa’s election officials to correctly remark the ballots for the races that are common to the two districts....

"There Is NO Vote Fraud!!"--signed, Democrat Party

But there are unicorns, sparklefarts, and keeping your health plan.

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