Monday, December 09, 2019

Think the Masses Are Happy? Think Again.

ZMan's graf on Inspector General Theatre is as good as any.

...The much-awaited Inspector General’s report on the FBI will be a white wash, because in Cloud People land, the only real punishment is a few negative sentences in a report no one will read. Dirt People go to jail, face real hardships and have to answer for their actions. That sort of stuff is for the peasants, not the beautiful people who are defending democracy. That’s just not how things are done in Washington. If the Dirt People don’t like that, well, “qu’ils mangent de la brioche.”...
He's similarly dour on Impeachment Theatre.

And he's not the Lone Ranger, by the way.  More:

...Modern America is now a revolutionary place. Like the aristocracy in 18th century France, the Cloud People are incapable of reforming themselves, because they are incapable of seeing themselves as we see them. They have become entirely divorced from the rest of us. The people who rule over us may as well be foreign occupiers, as they have no idea who it is they rule nor do they care. To them, the Dirt People all look alike, smell alike and act alike. We are not them.\
(Maggie Gau and her sock-puppet Tony Evers are also Cloud People, but not "A"-listers.)

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