Monday, December 09, 2019

"Fairness"? Nope. It's Legislating Insanity

Let's note that the Washington Examiner published this little item.

...With the backing of various religious and conservative groups, including the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Republican Rep. Chris Stewart of Utah, just introduced the “Fairness for All Act,” a bill that would finally update our federal anti-discrimination laws...

"Update the laws", eh?

...Stewart’s proposed “Fairness for All” bill updates the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and other federal laws to explicitly prohibit discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation in employment, housing, public accommodations, credit, federally funded services, refugee resettlement, and jury service....
Based on "gender identity"???


Sorry, but no civil law should force anyone to play along with insane people.  This is not a matter of "religious freedom."  This is a matter of reality, the 2+2=4 kind of reality.

Got boy parts?  You're a boy.  Got girl parts?  You're a girl.

End of story, friends.

But there's a lot of money behind the Tranny Insan'ty.

 ....exceedingly rich, white men with enormous cultural influence are funding the transgender lobby and various transgender organizations. These include but are not limited to Jennifer Pritzker (a male who identifies as transgender); George Soros; Martine Rothblatt (a male who identifies as transgender and transhumanist); Tim Gill (a gay man); Drummond Pike; Warren and Peter Buffett; Jon Stryker (a gay man); Mark Bonham (a gay man); and Ric Weiland (a deceased gay man whose philanthropy is still LGBT-oriented). Most of these billionaires fund the transgender lobby and organizations through their own organizations, including corporations....

Did I say 'a lot of money'?  Yes, yes, indeed.

Should we take a look at Chris Stewart's donor list?  Does it include any of the pharma- or equipment manufacturers who are making a fortune off this ridiculous "tranny" scam?

Inquiring minds, and all that.

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