Monday, November 21, 2022

Why Trump, Not RyanHaleyDeSantis?

There is one really good reason for Trump--which happens to be the reason for NeverRyanHaleyDeSantis.  This is an excerpt from a longer essay, but it's the core of the thing.

Before Donald Trump entered politics there was no home for people voting on the issue of a national economic agenda. Both Democrat and Republican candidates had essentially the same worldview on national economic policy because they are all getting money from the same multinational corporate trough.  However, President Trump changed that dynamic by presenting an alternative national economic policy called America-First.

...For decades middle America was begging the McConnell’s, Ryans, Boehners, Romney’s, McCain’s, Bushes, et al, to make America First economic policies their priority.  All of our shouts for help fell upon deaf political ears plugged by corporate donations and influence.  Our communities were literally collapsing around us (see rust belt), and yet no national politician would do anything of consequence.

By the time Donald Trump arrived decades of frustration exploded in an eruption of massive applause because he was articulating the central economic issue that was being ignored by the professional political class.  The America First agenda is the restoration agenda.  From Trump’s national economic policy, the middle-class erosion stopped. Economic security, specifically U.S. employment stability and wage rates, goes hand in glove with border security and immigration controls.

MAGAnomics is the core of the great MAGA republican coalition, a working-class coalition that cuts through all other distinctions and divisions.  It is not republican because of political affiliation, it is “MAGA republican” only because the republican party was the political vehicle selected by Donald Trump to install the policy....

Note we didn't even bother to mention Pence, New Jersey Fats, or the failure in Maryland in the title or at the top of this entry.  That's because their base of support, collectively, numbers less than 200 people.

Remember what Trump's MAGA did:  employment went up, energy prices went down, the price of imported goods went down, the border invasion was nearly stopped, and NATO began to pay its fair share of the cost, and those items are only the beginning of a long list.

Remember what ClintonBushObamaBiden did?

You can choose that again; it's called RyanHaleyDeSantis.

Choose wisely.


Anonymous said...

Trump needs to apologize for Operation Warp speed or he's history.

TF said...

Indeed. Trump undid nearly all the good he had done previously by tolerating/promoting/endorsing the FauciBurkenstein Monster and their strange elixirs of health and economic destruction.

John B., retired English teacher said...

I agree with anonymous. I have voted Republican for 60 years, but will not vote for Trump unless he comes clean about who paid him to back that mass murderer Fauci to the hilt, and vows never to back demonic Big Pharma again.

John B
alive and well at 83 because I never took any Covid scam injections

Dad29 said...

Trump was scammed by two wormtongues, both holding MD's, and both long-term (and apparently honorable) Fed health-establishment employees.

Obviously, both of them lied, a lot.

Glad to know that all of you are smarter than Trump, and would NEVER have taken the word of those people!

By the way, I agree that an apology is warranted.

Anonymous said...

Trump has had a phobia for a long time; a germ fear. He will shake hands but will sanitize his hands afterwards. An email between Fauci and Collins has been released in which Fauci tells Collins he did get Trump to announce the 3 day lockdown and told Collins that since he got Trump to agree to three days, he is going to push for more. That indicates to me that they knew they needed to manipulate Trump’s personal Germ fear to get what they really wanted.. a longer lock down.