Sunday, January 29, 2017

Yup. It's "Discrimination". Very GOOD Discrimination!!

Continuing on the ZOMG!!  restrictions on immigrants, we now learn that Trump's order is "blatant discrimination."

Yes, it is.  Damn fine and very GOOD discrimination.  Same discrimination you tell your kids to use:  "Don't swallow what's in the Mr. Yuck jars!!"  Same discrimination that the Muzzies enforce against dhimmi in Muzzie countries.

But it's not "religious" discrimination.  The order names countries-of-origin, and six of the seven named countries were first named by...........Obozo.  (You can look that up.)

Yup.  Discrimination.  Shove it up your butt.

NB:  Patterico makes an argument that Trump does not have the Constitutional authority to override Congress' outlawing of 'discrimination by country of origin.'   However, Patterico does not tell us how many bodies have to pile up before a President can take action.

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