Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Right Wisconsin Assumes WAR PARTY Role

Since John McCain is not a Senator from Wisconsin, Jerry Bader assumes War Party leadership.

He starts with the current Fake News:  "...the Russians did it..."  He even regurgitates the electric-utility fable!!  Egads.

See, you can believe Barack Obama (how long did that ObozoCare website take??) or you can believe Actual I.T. Security professionals.

Jerry chooses the Barack boat, along with the ante-deluvian John McCain and assorted other rubble such as Kerry and Hillary. 

Along the way, Jerry suggests that it would have been better if WWII/Europe lasted another 5 or 10 years instead of suggesting that FDR was a blithering idiot Socialist (but I repeat myself.)

".....we have always been at war with Eastasia....."  --Jerry and the Dinosaurs

"Trust, but verify"  --Ron Reagan

See the difference, Jerry??

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