Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Careful, Charlie. You're At the Edge of the Ledge

Charlie Sykes lost a battle when Trump won the GOP nomination.  He sort-of lost another battle when Trump defeated the old crone-crook Clinton.

But now Charlie is working on losing the war by jumping off the ledge.  Here he addresses the "vote fraud" matter raised by The Donald:

...But this is really not about the numbers anymore, and this is not about voter fraud. It's about the whole concept of reality and about truth and about whether or not this administration is going to be an alternative reality administration. We have a president who is deeply engaged with some of these conspiracy theories...

Oh, really?  Forgetting that Charlie Sykes was one of the leading RadioMouth voices about "voter fraud" in Wisconsin--and by the way, Charlie was vindicated--let's take a look at what the Administration has in mind.

As you can see at this post, Trump is talking about 1) Chicago voting (cemeteries get to vote first, before the polls open), 2) double-voting (one case of which was prosecuted in Wisconsin only 4 years ago), and 3) ILLEGAL ALIEN voting--which, admittedly, will be very difficult to prove, but which is likely a big factor in California, New Mexico, Arizona, Florida, and Texas.

...It demonstrates that real fraud does occur, but probably not on the scale where it would generate millions of fraudulent votes, at least outside the issue of illegal immigration. That will be tougher to probe since states have long since given up requiring proof of citizenship or domestic birth in order to register to vote.....

My guy was Cruz.  He lost.  Donald won.  And so far, Donald has done OK stuff.  So Charlie--get off the ledge before you hurt yourself.  It will be nice to have you around, even if we have to watch clips from MSLSD.

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