Sunday, January 22, 2017

Still WIth the Apocalyptic Stuff....

Argued by "Z":

...Trump and his election are a warning shot across the bow of the ruling class. The public is increasingly frustrated by the unresponsiveness of the ruling class. Reform is long overdue. The support for and election of Trump is that message. If the ruling class ignores it or actively subverts it, what comes next will be much worse. The status quo is untenable, but we are not at a crisis. More videos of citizens being assaulted by leftist mobs and people start thinking the time for half measures has passed.

Well, yes, although he writes a long-ish preface about the rioting and disorder surrounding the inauguration.  That warms up the engine a bit and sets the stage for his prediction.

So.  Will more assaults produce equal or greater counter-measures?  I would not be surprised.  

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