Saturday, January 07, 2017

Demolishing the "U.S. Intel" Barnful of Bullshit

Let's never forget this:  the reason for all this "Russian" crap is to keep our eyes off the ball:  the Hillary crime (top secret materials on an unprotected server) and DNC slime (tossing Bernie off the bus.)

But then there is the barnful of bullshit that US "intel" unloaded into the water supply.  That is demolished, here, by Ticker.  How about a sample??

After citing the Putin belief that Hildebeeste supported a bunch of anti-Putin riots, Ticker unloads this:   ...In other words our government can incite mass protests against a foreign leader, which goes far beyond crap-posting on the Internet or running "news broadcasts" that are slanted, but if they do it then they're the bad guys and we need to seize property sold to their government and eject 30 of their diplomats....

Putin, knowing that Hildebeeste had authorized gun-running from Benghazi to Da'esh (ISIS), and knowing that Da'esh/ISIS was a serious threat to Russia, disliked Hildebeeste.  (DOH!!)

...If in fact the CIA outpost in Benghazi was part of an arms-smuggling operation into Libya that went wrong and wound up with some of the weapons going to Daesh, and Ambassador Stevens was murdered in no small part because the CIA and he tried to reverse some of the damage, then it certainly appears quite logical that Russia, which has no interest in Daesh causing problems for them (terrorism is bad even if the targets are Russian, right?) would have a logical reason to not want the person who, in their judgment ARMED Daesh on purpose, in the White House!...

And, horror of horrors, Putin's mouthpiece in the US, RT, issued pro-Russki/anti-Hildebeeste news and opinion.  Voice of America used to do that before Bush and Obozo (mostly) shut it down, ain'a??

Back to the top:  Hillary and the DNC are crime-and-slime, top to bottom.  THAT is the story, and that is ALL the story.  Putin is a sideshow. 

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