Saturday, January 14, 2017

What You Were Not Told About Ft Lauderdale

Remember all the Wailing and Moaning from the usual politicians and hangers-on over the Fort Lauderdale shooting?

Here's something that NONE of them disclosed:

(I have walked out of the Fort Lauderdale Airport terminal and into the baggage claim area where the horrific shootings occurred today about thirty times in the past year.)  There is an armed TSA bureaucrat sitting at a desk where you exit the terminal area and go into baggage claim.  He sits about ten paces from the first baggage carousel, where the shootings occurred.

So this Blue Panda lardass was--what? twenty-five feet from an active shooter who had time to re-load his pistol TWICE while killing 5 and wounding 8.

Just what was that lardass DOING?

You pay a lot for that airport security, folks.  Think about that....

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