Thursday, January 05, 2017

Z Misses a Key Ingredient

Nicely thought-out essay here on the Not-Virtue of "democracy"--that's why the US is a republic, gehr ste'he

Here's the conclusion:

....The Left has learned nothing from the past, even their own past. The Right is often accused of being captive to a romanticized past, but it is the Left that is trapped in a permanent time warp. The first radicals of the Left followed the logic of Rousseau to its natural conclusion, murdered a bunch of people and then gave way to a tyrant. They keep repeating this pattern without ever having learned from past results. The Bolsheviks, for example, looked to the Jacobins as examples.

Part of this is explained by the radical fixation on the future. The Left has always been blind to the past as they put all of their energy into reaching the glorious future. The bigger issue is that radicalism is an intellectual dead end....

As useful as this essay is, the key ingredient of "perspective" is missing.  Not likely to be willful, but we're going to jam it on in there anyway.

The Left's "time warp" is a result of ignoring and/or utterly dismissing the story of The Fall.  That 'murder' stuff, after all, was the immediate consequence--remember Cain v. Abel?  This is not "time warp."  This is reality; it actually happened.  Conservatives pay attention to history--ALL of it--because it matters, especially when considering the potential of "progress" through some new law or regulation.

That's why most "progressive" laws and regulations don't work, by the way.  Ask any victim of ObozoCare, or its immediate predecessor in England.

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