Friday, January 20, 2017

"Short, Dark, Defiant" Really?

The Snowflake Staffers at the local news-rag didn't really care for Trump's speech--you can see how they described it in my headline.  (UPDATE:  Madcow used "dark", too. The Hive remains intact.)

It certainly was not long, thank God.

As to "dark" and "defiant"?  Sorry.  Not true.  There was a bit of Jack Kennedy in there, and a bit of Ron Reagan, too.  And a little of the Bible.  (That last part was probably what set off the head-explosions at the fishwrap.) 

The speech was clearly a call to action and a re-action against the oppression that our Snowflake Staffers and their Ruling Class comrades have been inflicting on the population for ....ohh.....about 100 years, give or take a few.

It was not "dark"--in fact, it was as though a light finally shone in the tunnel.  And it was not "defiant."  It was, instead, determined.

Stuff that in your fishwrap, Snowflakes.

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