Sunday, January 08, 2017

The Navel-Gazing Twits of the Old Order

The person who loosed this drivel is a Highly Respected Journalist and Certified Member of the East Coast Establishment. 

...“[T]he thing that should most concern us is a shift in American foreign policy. We’ve had a bipartisan belief in American foreign policy, based on the post-World War II institutions, that believed in [a] democratic, global world, which Russia and the Soviet Union was often seen as hostile to. And most Republicans and Democrats have always basically believed in this world order....

Well, if "most Republicans and Democrats have....believed in this", then they were  unaware of the entire Orient (save Japan) and the entire Middle East (save Israel).  For "democracy" simply did not exist in that 2/3rds++ of the Earth's populated surface any more than it did in the Soviet Union or any of its slave-state satellites.

This would tell us that the Certified Journalists/Establishmentarians are, at best, navel-gazers, for that at least allows us to believe that they have eyes.  But "twit" applies in either case; no matter the chronologic age or sex, these people are all PajamaBoy. 

And if Mr. Brooks is attempting to sanctify the United Nations as some sort of Global 'Congress' like that of the US, we will concede that he is partially correct.  The UN is seriously overpriced for its work product and is surrounded by first-rate grifters, just like the US Congress.  The comparison stops there.

In fact, until Teddy Roosevelt, US foreign policy was 'live and let live.'  We didn't bother anyone who didn't bother us.  Since then, things have been a bit more complex; sometimes our foreign policy served the interests of humanity, and sometimes it served the interests of domestic economic sectors.  But nobody who actually did the work believed--for one second--that US policy was in service of some 'global democracy.'  If anyone did, they didn't last too long unless they were well-armed.


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