Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Weak Sister Kevin McCarthy. Again.

The new Weak Sister "leader" is Kevin McCarthy, a successor in Weak Sisterhood to Paul Ryan, the cut-and-run RINO whose name will shame Janesville forever.

...He acknowledged that it will be “pretty hard” to pass all 12 appropriations bills by Sep. 30, when the government is set to run out of money, and defended the likely need for a short-term continuing resolution, telling his conference that if the government shuts down on Oct. 1, the Democrats “control all the messaging” and Republicans “give the power to the administration.”...

No, dummy.  They only 'control' messaging if you let them do it.

And he's lying about only a '30-day' CR, by the way.  Insiders say he wants a CR through March.


...While talking to his members, McCarthy heavily emphasized the need to pass the homeland appropriations bill,...

The 'homeland' bill contains funding for a new FBI headquarters building, which will be larger than the f'n Pentagon.  That funding was supported by certain Republicans, so we can deduce that the FBI has pictures of them doing............things.........with people not married to them, or with children.

You have one job, Twit.  Impeach Biden, Mayorkas, Garland, and Wray.

Otherwise, go cry in the cornerThat's what Weak Sisters do.

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Anonymous said...

House votes against impeaching DHS Secretary Mayorkas


Eight Republicans voted with Democrats to block the measure: Duarte and Reps. Cliff Bentz (Ore.), Ken Buck (Colo.), Darrell Issa (Calif.), Patrick McHenry (N.C.), Tom McClintock (Calif.), Virginia Foxx (N.C.) and Mike Turner (Ohio).

These Traitor RINOS need to be put out with the trash