Friday, August 18, 2023

Ascension to Force Mask-Wearing Again

 It is reported that Ascension will force some of its employees to wear masks from November 10 to March 31.

Those employees who are exempt from taking the flu vaccine WILL wear masks if they work in a clinical setting.

This is because The Science Says that Masks Stop Viruses.


Voodoo is better science than that.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

What Bastards

Here’s another trend. We are seeing with Catholic hospitals.

Usually you have a number of offices surrounding a Catholic hospital with independent doctors

Since Obamacare came into existence. This has changed, and those independent offices owned by the doctors themselves have been bought up by the hospitals making doctors employees of the hospitals

They are using the carrot of vacation coverage for the doctors

The hospitals are now crushing the independent thoughts of the doctors and the doctors need to tow the company line

This is a recipe for awful medicine and compromised doctors

Just stay away from these doctors

You may have to take a doctor that has had hospital privileges rescinded …….. that is the club they’re using on the doctors

What we are losing is the a doctor’s ability to have independent thought when it comes to disease and medications and best practices

You will comply or you will regret it!!

Anonymous said...

I did not post this twice, only once, please delete one of them

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