Thursday, August 17, 2023

Biden, Too, Used "Secret/Pseudonym" Email Account

 Pierre Delecto and Robert L. Peters.

Both pseudonyms belonging to extremely disreputable characters occupying high Federal offices.

The latter:  Joe Biden.

...The alias is illegal because federal officials are required to disclose all communications and making up a fake email account is how they evade this requirement.

They're not hiding their above-board conversations with an alias, but the sketchy ones. The colluding ones. The weaponization of government ones. The subversion of the IRS ones.

The changing-US-policy-regarding-Ukraine-to-collect-a-bribe-through-your-bagman-crackhead-son ones.

And the alias "Robert L. Peters" was used, Comer alleges, so that he could talk to other officials about Ukraine to favor his son's "business," while hiding that fact from official discovery.

NARA, the National Archives and Records Administration, are the the same folks who demanded a DOJ investigation into Trump. And who subsequently did not demand a DOJ investigation into Biden when he was discovered to have piles of classified documents he never had any authority to possess in his garage.

And his Chinatown offices.

I don't think they're going to be eager to comply. Comer demands the secret emails without redactions....

Of COURSE it is illegal.  But he's a certified uniparty member.  So it's no problem, see?

Now sit down and STFU.  That's an order from Sykes and his BFF Jay Weber.

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