Thursday, August 31, 2023

Breaking the Globaloney Grip?

Very encouraging.  We've stated that Rep. Gallagher (R-WI) is a RINO--and we won't back off--but it appears that he's willing to break the grip of Globaloney to some extent.

In a cozy, Upper Midwestern industrial town, something a little unusual happened on Aug. 30 when industry, labor, and representatives from both major parties came together to recognize a common threat.

"China has a plan to replace the United States, and they're working on it every single day," Rep. Darin LaHood (R-Ill.) told The Epoch Times on the factory floor at Stoughton Trailers, a manufacturer of dry vans, grain trailers, and similar products....

Stoughton had been body-slammed by ChiCom competition which 'could not go BK and could not be under-priced'; it finally won its case and re-opened a chassis-manufacturing plant.  USA USA! 

Gallagher took an opportunity to slam Trump, of course, deriding tariffs as 'not permanent' answers to Chinese predators.  He has another solution:

..."A broader solution would be to say to China, 'Unless you fulfill your WTO [World Trade Organization] obligations, then we're going to remove permanent normal trade relations,'" he continued, adding that he thinks Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has stood out among the current presidential hopefuls for his stances on China and manufacturing....

That would reverse policy set in place by Clinton and Bush the Dumber.  Likely to happen?

Hell, no. 

But at least someone is paying attention, 30 years after China dropped its bombs on US industry and the men and women who labored there to raise their families.

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Anonymous said...

Africa is showing us how to throw off globalism and especially throwing off the ugliest of all ugly Americans. Victoria the bitch