Thursday, August 17, 2023

Obama's Second Run At "Suburban Equity"

 It's pretty well-established that Obama, operating from his mansion in D.C., or the one in Martha's Vineyard, or the one on Oahu (who can keep track of those places, all so laden with racial "equity") is about to jam "equity" into the suburbs and small towns.

...The Department of Housing and Development (HUD) is implementing a new program that would compel any town, city, or county that accepts federal housing grants to “proactively take meaningful actions to overcome patterns of segregation, promote fair housing choice, eliminate disparities in opportunities, and foster inclusive communities free from discrimination.”

The program, called Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH), is a reinstatement of HUD’s 2015 AFFH Rule, originally introduced by the Obama administration but repealed in 2020 by the Trump administration, which criticized the policy’s “onerous burden on localities and federal overreach into local housing policy.”...

Not hard to read the threat in there, is it?  Think it will apply to Martha's Vineyard?  Central Park West?  Georgetown?

But there's a far more serious criticism of this jackassery.  Only ~100 years ago, the United States took on a large number of immigrants (LEGAL ONES) from Europe, principally Poles, Germans, and Italians.  When those people came here, they lived in "communities" (familiar word?) composed of other Poles, Germans, and Italians.  We can show you the areas in Milwaukee, just as they can be found in Chicago, the Twin Cities, and elsewhere around the country.  The names of the churches are all you need to know to see who lived where.

In fact, vestiges of those patterns remain:  the northwestern suburbs of Milwaukee are salted German, the southwestern 'burbs are salted Polish.  The Italians are all over the place.

Blacks live in "community", too.  There's a reason:  they generally share a culture and certainly share a history in most cases.  They have no real interest in moving to the 'burbs to become very distinct minorities, although that happens.  The Sherman Park area runs--loosely--from 35th St west to 60th between Capitol and North.  It is a distinctly black middle-class area.  The houses and yards are well-maintained and the people are VERY interested in maintaining police presence, and they report trouble to the police when they see it.  They demanded--and got--speed bumps on their streets.  Not much  different from the Hispanic area running from about Greenfield Ave. south to Lincoln between 16th and 60th, by the way.   

So the question is this:  WHY is Obama so intent on jamming people into places where they don't really want to go?

See if  you can figure it out.  Begin your inquiry by re-reading Das Kapital

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