Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Is Bartolotta the Stink in the Italian Community Center?

 A group of mothers (Moms for Liberty) concerned about what passes for "education" these days had planned on holding a forum at the Italian Community Center.


...A source close to the process previously told Wisconsin Right Now that Moms for Liberty’s town hall organizer had signed the contract and paid the deposit for the event after the Italian Community Center agreed to host it. The Italian Community Center suddenly cancelled the contract on Saturday morning, August 12, 2023. Justice confirmed the source’s information.

The ICC did not provide a reason,
other than that the facility could no longer accommodate the event, and they returned the deposit, the source said....

The President of the ICC, a creature named "Sandy Winard" posted that Trump should be prosecuted; she also makes it very clear that she despises Republicans.  Winard sells advertising for Channel 4, brags about her bartending skills, and graduated from Pius XI High School.  She also took Theater coursework at UW Stevens Point and claims a degree from Lakeland University.

My, that's impressive.


Bartolotta, a multi-venue restaurant outfit in Milwaukee, books events at the ICC.  So when Wisconsin Right Now asked them what's going on, they got this:

We have contacted the ICC and were told to write its PR office, which we did. We asked,

Why was this contract cancelled?

Why won’t Italian Community Center rent to Moms for Liberty for this event?

Who made the decision?

Bartolotta Restaurants responded for ICC, saying, “No agreement for an event on the morning of August 23rd at the Italian Community Center. There will not be an event for the Moms for Liberty at the Italian Community Center.” However, that did not answer our questions, so we wrote again: “Yes, we are aware there is not an event now. However, ICC had agreed to host the Moms for Liberty event (where Trump is appearing) after the MFL organizer signed the contract and sent the deposit. Why did ICC refuse to host this event? What changed? Why will ICC not host this event?”...

Who made the decision?  Well.......it could be Bartolotta, and it could be the ICC's President.

Makes 'where to eat out' decisions a lot easier, hey!

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