Monday, August 21, 2023

Catholic Bishop Acts Catholic (!!!)

 Good on him.

A Catholic Bishop in Massachusetts has issued a blanket ban on the bending of school rules for transgender students.

It will force them to wear the correct uniform, use pronouns assigned at birth, enter the appropriate bathrooms and play sports based on their biological sex

Worcester Bishop Robert McManus approved the policy in June, with it banning students from expressing, celebrating or advocating for 'same-sex attraction in such a way as to cause confusion or distraction'....

This has caused the Usual Screech to rise from the Usual Crowd.

 ...Two high schools in the Diocese wrote a joint letter to Bishop McManus earlier this month to say their board of trustees voted not to adopt the new policy.

Saint John's [Xaverian] and Notre Dame Academy [Notre Dame] are reportedly sponsored by independent religious orders which means they are not directly overseen by the Diocese of Worcester....

A couple of State Leggies also went to Full Drama, claiming that the Catholic faith taught them 'to love and care for each other.'  True Dat--but Catholic love is love in truth, and only in truth.

Good on the Bishop!

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Sinful but faithful Roman Cathoic said...

It's a low bar, but Bp. McManus is absolutely one of the better ones, consistently.