Friday, August 18, 2023

Sykes Loves Him Some War!!

In a Tucker/Ramaswamy discussion, Tucker mentioned and Vivek confirmed the seeming sexual attraction that the NeoCons have for warships and jet fighter planes.  (One does not want to speculate on their reaction to nuclear bombs over Moscow, as it might be a PornHub movie.)

In any case, both Trump and Ramaswamy are opposed to US involvement in Ukraine, period.

This brings us to Charlie Sykes--and the Dump-Trump movement of which Jay Weber is the leading "influencer-on-radio" in Milwaukee.

Cutting to the chase:

...Americans have limited attention spans… and there is little evidence of a willingness to sacrifice....

If history is any guide, we’ll move on. The various bans and boycotts will eventually be dropped; Western businesses will return; and Big Macs will again be served in the shadow of the Kremlin.

And we have not yet really confronted this question: If we are unwilling to fight for Ukraine, are we willing to risk WWIII for Moldova? Or Estonia? Or Lithuania?

Or Poland?

Welcome to 1939....

Or, as Charlie likes to say, we are at TEOTWAWKI unless we obliterate Putin and all his works, and all his pomps. By the way, Charlie's column (3/22) contains hilarious 'conclusions' about the effect of US sanctions on Russia and a serious blindness to 'Other Events'--like the strengthened Rus/Sino alliance.

War much, Charlie?  Are you sending your son-in-law from France to join Zelenskiy?

Is this a position that Jay approves??

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Simple living said...

Is Jay Weber the next Sykes? He sounds more converged each day.