Sunday, August 13, 2023

The Logic-Challenged Left

We have a shirt-tail relative who won a speechifying contest (Good!!).  The topic was gun control, and since that relative's contest was sponsored by Moms Against Civilization Guns, the speech was All About Gun Control (Bad!!).

She's the product of a couple of Lefties, so assigning blame to her is wrong.

But we can still have fun with her and her parents!

The Left's demoniacal screech is "If abortion is outlawed, then women will obtain illegal abortions."


At the same time, the Left demonically screeches that "We must outlaw guns to prevent gun-violence."


So people will NOT obtain guns--illegally--like they will do with abortions?

Cognitive dissonance is very hard on the brain, ain'a?



Grim said...

If you enjoy baiting them on such things, try ‘youth sex education is supported because sex is a potential danger kids are likely to encounter; so shouldn’t youth firearms education be supported as well?’

Dad29 said...

Heh. Torturing those people is so much fun!!