Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Grim's Optimistic Take

 We've followed Grim for a while, and we know optimism when we see it!

Last week the NYT published an opinion piece suggesting what the author described as a better way for American democracy: dispensing with elections in favor of the distribution of offices by lottery. Students of history will know that this was in fact tried during the Athenian Democracy.

There are two broad things to be said here. The first is that, like all suggested reforms, this is bootless because the system is too corrupt at this stage to be reformed. There will be no elimination of mass-scale deficit spending until the dollar collapses because the political class is too addicted to the power of spending money. Nor will the size of government will be reduced, certainly not at the scale that would be required to make it affordable. The bureaucracy will not return its stolen legislative function to Congress, and Congress doesn't want it back in any event. The national debt will not be reined in, but will eventually destroy the dollar at least and the nation most likely. There will be no term limits because Congress itself would have to vote on them, and so too here. They will not replace the system they've already learned how to control in a manner that reliably lends them power. We can only wait patiently for the collapse that is coming, and we can afford to be patient because the course they are determined upon leads there inevitably. ...

So.  What's the problem??

In passing, Grim comments on the idiocy of the Installed One and his once-removed predecessor:

 ...perhaps only a government could effectively restrain a powerful corporation. Yet we have seen, in Afghanistan as elsewhere, that distributed power is often most effective at resisting concentrated power. In spite of the President's favored suggestion that you would need an F-15 rather than an AR-15 to resist the US government, in fact the opposite is true. F-15s require easily broken supply chains and easily-killed experts to be effective; what worked was a vast number of determined men, widely distributed, with rifles. ...

Another disappointment to those who wanted to sell stuff in Afghanistan, eh?  

Cat, Deere, Raytheon, et.al. will have to settle for Ukraine.


Grim said...

The only problem is that it might take long enough that I have to leave the rebuilding to my son's generation. They were so badly mis-educated by the public schools, which have become far worse in the last thirty years, that I wonder if any of them have the knowledge or skills.

Anonymous said...

I don’t agree with the term“ American democracy“

Our country is set up as a constitutional republic, not a democracy

It’s not functioning as a constitutional republic, now, and now it certainly is not functioning as a democracy either, more like a free-for-all at the public feeding trough! But it really never has ever acted as a democracy

What a lousy choice of words

Anonymous said...

Idiots at happy hour...


House Democrats backing college loan forgiveness owe boatloads in student debt

Congressional Democrats calling for widespread student loan forgiveness owe major sums in educational debt, according to a Washington Examiner analysis of newly released financial disclosures.