Thursday, August 24, 2023

EPA's Carbon Sequester Rule

The EPA has well and truly gone off the rails since Obozo showed up on the scene, and they're getting worse.

Two distinguished climate scientists have filed with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) a 45-page comment on the proposed regulation the EPA announced on May 11, 2023, setting emission standards that would require nearly all of coal- and gas-powered plants in the capture almost all—90 percent—of their carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 2038 or shut down.

In their comment, William Happer, professor of physics, emeritus, Princeton University, and Richard Lindzen, professor of Earth, atmospheric and planetary sciences, emeritus, make both a legal and a scientific case that the EPA’s proposed new rule is based on ideologically driven polices with no basis in legitimate climate science....

Yah, well, EPA has been making s**t up for years.  So?

...Happer and Lindzen lay out a science-based case arguing that the new EPA rules designed to limit the use of hydrocarbon fuels in the nation’s power plants could end up reducing the world’s food supply so dramatically that billions of people worldwide would be at risk of death by starvation....

What Happer and Lindzen don't get?  'Billions starving' is the goal, not the byproduct.

Ask Bill Gates or Super-Kraut at the WEF.

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In other words….

You’re the carbon they want to get rid of