Thursday, August 24, 2023

Is It Trump?? Nope. It's Us.

 Combox item from Ace of Spades responding to an assertion that 'the Left fears Trump':

This is ridiculous, and reveals a near total misapprehension of this entire situation by whoever says that kind of thing.

The left has no fear of him, nor should they. from the moment he beat Hill Dawg, he was just a pig in the Party's poke. They easily contained him. The GOP faction stymied his entire agenda in Congress, while the Dem faction hamstrung him with nonstop investigations. He was isolated and sidelined with alacrity, before they deposed him in a coup.

If he, or any outsider, overcomes the staggering odds and somehow wins another 'election,' this will be repeated. Or they'll just quit wasting time, and shoot the guy. Who's going to question it, at this point?

None of this was ever about fear of a bombastic billionaire dilettante. It was about fear of *us.* The Party thought they had this country completely sewn up. When he chewed up and spit out all their candidates from Jeb to Hillary, they realized they'd overestimated the degree of control they held.

Everything since then has been about putting us in our places and demonstrating their absolute power to the restive masses.

Which is why Fed and State control agents have been terrorizing Catholic pro-lifers, Amish beef farmers, a fellow named Ngo, and parents who protest Kindergarten Masturbation 101.  (There are plenty more in the Basket of Abominables.) 

Ever notice that members of the SEIU have a helluvalot of time available to march around following their communist organizers?  And how they only march around and shout at (relatively-) conservative gatherings?  They are an integral part of the "control agents" bunch.  The objective is to show force, albeit most of those creatures would have trouble squaring off against a healthy 16-y-o male.  Aside from those twits, you DO note that the "press" cannot tell the whole truth about any given story, right?  Some of them are that stupid; others are just following orders; they are part of the cabal.

There are a lot of marbles on the table.  Plan accordingly; make sure your ammo supply is healthy.

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