Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Is Jay Rothman an Idiot?

 One has to wonder about the reasons Jay Rothman was appointed President of the UW System.

Today's Little Local Pravda runs the story:

The number of University of Wisconsin System campuses considering furloughs and layoffs to close budget gaps this school year continues to grow.

UW-Parkside may implement a campuswide furlough while UW-Platteville is weighing furloughs and layoffs to address a nearly $10 million deficit....

UW-Oshkosh has already announced money-saving plans.

So what does the Esteemed Poohbah President have to say about this?

 ...Jay Rothman ...said campuses should be focused on recruiting and educating students to meet Wisconsin's workforce needs.

Sure, because Feminist Weaving in the Period Before Neanderthal Culture is definitely an 'education' which 'meets Wisconsin workforce needs.'

Jay, let me help you hereWisconsin's workforce is desperately in need of men and women who can sling a wrench, lay a foundation, plumb a line, drive a truck, and run a CNC or laser-guided machine tool.

Wisconsin does not need more lawyers or accountants, nor sex-obsessed "teachers" who corrupt 6-year-old kids in the classroom.

Face it, Jay:  the era of make-work for professors introduced back in the 1960's is--inarguably--last-century.  Catch up with the times, pal!

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