Tuesday, August 15, 2023

The Stupids. They Hurt (Pravda Edition)

 Usually we try to move through the daily crap-sandwich offered by Little Local Pravda as quickly as possible, then go to their only reliable reporting:  the death notices.

But they're serving up softballs.

What's wrong with this sentence:

A police chase involving a stolen car resulted in one person dead and nine injured after a crash near North 68th Street and West Silver Spring Drive Sunday night...
Yup.  The "police chase" did not cause the death and injuries, as is clearly implied by the word "resulted" in that sentence.

What caused the death and injuries was a combination of 1)  reckless and totally irresponsible driving by a young idiot; and 2)  the young idiot's decision to run away from the cops.

Yah, it's true that "cause" and "effect" can often escape the minds of Lefty-trained "reporters" who are too young to understand real life.

But they expect you to believe their bullshit.  After all, they are "News People."

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