Thursday, November 19, 2020

Dems Try to Change the Rules on Recount in WI

Gee.  What a shock!

The Wisconsin Election Commission held a meeting last night to review the recount rules.

Naturally, the Democrats tried to CHANGE the rules that the Commission had approved before the election.  Election commission staff (a/k/a Election Fraud Central Committee) recommended the changes.

...The commissioners deadlocked on key provisions of its recount manual, such as whether absentee ballot applications need to be reviewed as part of the recount. Their inability to reach an agreement on that issue left in place guidance that says those applications must be reviewed — even though that isn’t the case, according to the commission’s staff.

The Democrats said the counties should follow the state’s recount law and not necessarily the recount manual the commission approved.

Thomsen [D]  said the state's manual comes with an asterisk because the commission deadlocked on some elements of it. Knudson [R] didn't care for how Thomsen characterized their disagreements. 

"We never voted on an asterisk," Knudson responded....

The Democrat desperation-moves are hardly over.  You can expect that Tommy-Boy Barrett, the failing and fading Mayor of Wisconsin's Murder City will come up with "Covid" rules making oversight extremely difficult, if not impossible.   He's already launched the "RAAAAAAAAAAYCISSSSSS!!!!!" attack in hopes that BLM thugs will show up and assault recount monitors.

No, we're not kidding.

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