Tuesday, November 24, 2020

"Indefinitely Confined?" Really??

Lengthy article here about the chess-moves over Wisconsin voting laws.  Frankly, the move to toss ALL walk-in absentee votes is..........odd.........to say the least.  The reporter did not follow up on that matter; instead they interviewed a bunch of people, trying to make this into a "human interest" thing.  That's what passes for "reporting" these days.

But when you make it a "human interest" thing, you can foul up your own nest.

...Two of those voters, Barbara and Eugene Summ of Madison, are in their 80s, have been married 61 years and say they never miss a chance to vote.

The couple has been voting absentee in recent years and in the last year or so registered as indefinitely confined after Eugene underwent a knee replacement....

Really?  Indefinitely confined??

First off, why is the wife "indefinitely confined"?  She didn't have surgery.  Doesn't he let her drive?  Doesn't she have any friends or relatives who can take her to the polls?  Inquiring minds, and all that.

As to Eugene's condition:  I know several people who have had hip replacements, and every damn one is out and about after about 6 weeks.  What's HIS problem?  Inquiring minds, and all that.  

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Headless Blogger said...

How about revoking the Drivers Licenses of all voters claiming to be "Indefinitely Confined?"