Thursday, November 26, 2020

Georgia Kraken, P. 9, Para. 14

 Vox posted this but it's worth a re-post.  This is in Powell's filing, P.9, Para. 14:

...As explained and demonstrated in the accompanying redacted declaration of a former electronic intelligence analyst under 305th Military Intelligence with experience gathering SAM missile system electronic intelligence, the Dominion software was accessed by agents acting on behalf of China and Iran in order to monitor and manipulate elections, including the most recent US general election in 2020.  This Declaration further includes a copy of the patent records for Dominion Systems in which Eric Coomer is listed as the first of the inventors of Dominion Voting Systems.  (See Attached hereto as Exh. 8, copy of redacted witness affidavit, 17 pages, November 23, 2020). ...

 You know about Coomer, an Antifa colleague and on-the-record Trump hater.

But you did NOT know about PRC/Iranian access to Dominion software, didja?

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