Monday, November 16, 2020

The Current Revolt Against Nature

Dreher interviews Carl Trueman about his new book.  There we find a remarkable statement which explains the Spoiled Child syndrome underlying the Marxist/Anarchist revolt we are seeing.  But that revolt is only one part of the much larger revolt brought on by the 'therapeutic culture.'

The Marxist/Anarchists are in revolt against Nature using the 'therapeutic culture' as its current justification.  That's not really news, but their alliance with the Democrat/Socialist parties, the propaganda organs of the media, and the burgeoning Church of FeelGood (the non-denominationals) movement spells a very difficult next era.

Here's the key graf:

...Philip Rieff, a Freudian sociologist, is key to my narrative because he saw the importance of the rise of therapeutic culture. The “triumph of the therapeutic,” as he calls it, is his term for describing a world which makes the personal psychological satisfaction of the individual the center of its moral imagination.  The result is that the broader culture is reconfigured in such a way that anything which might hinder this – say, the traditional categories of sexual morality – have to be dismantled.  Perhaps the most obvious examples in recent days have been provided by higher education where teachers have found themselves in trouble for making students feel “unsafe” simply because they have introduced ideas with which the students disagree.  The current debates about freedom of speech and freedom of religion are emblematic of the therapeutic nature of our culture....

The 'systemic racism' fad is another emblem of 'therapeutic' as is the Progressive Governors' insistence that they can ......what?  Cure?  Prevent?  SARS CoVid2 with shutdowns and banning of family gatherings.  We can go on about the therapeutic culture's obvious spread into the larger fabric of society, all of which is deleterious to that society.

Why?  Because this is a revolt against nature, not only sexual, but the whole of anthropology and theology.  It cannot work.  

It was prefigured--nay, forecast--in Genesis, where we were told that we could 'be like unto God'; we've been working on that ever since.

And here we are. 

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