Saturday, November 28, 2020

NOT Mentioned by Teddy Perry---Or Anyone Else

Sure, we'll pick on Ted Perry, but he shares the........ahh........low-light (?) with such as Channel 58, Channel 12, and the Journal-Sentinel Pravda.

You would think that Ted would climb out of that ooze, but......anyhow.

What don't they report?

...One of Braynard’s biggest findings involved voters who had submitted a National Change of Address form to the post office, indicating they had moved out of state, yet appeared to have voted in 2020 in the state they moved from.

In Georgia, the team found 138,221 such people, which represents a much larger number than the state’s current vote differential (12,670) in the presidential race.

In Michigan, there were 51,302 such people; Wisconsin had 26,673, Nevada had 27,271, Arizona had 19,997, and Pennsylvania had 13,671....

Gee.  Twenty-six thousand six hundred seventy three "we moved outta here" people who still voted in Wisconsin?

Is 26,000 > 21,000?

That's not even addressing (cough) the "indefinitely confined" question.

Teddy!!  Teddy!!!  Wake up, Teddy!!  You're not suspended any more!!

We won't bother with Belling, Wagner, Bott, or the other two at WISN.  

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