Tuesday, November 17, 2020

In Dominion's Georgia Election Fraud

Mirabile Dictu!  Another "glitch"!

According to Board of Elections Chairman Tom Rees, “the hand count added 2,631 more votes than were registered by computers.”  That number was released on Monday after nearly 20 hours of hand counting over the weekend.

It appears that the votes did not come from day of voting or absentee, but rather early voting.

...“It appears that our elections office did not misplace any ballots, rather it appears as if this is a computer software mishap with the Dominion system.”...

...Of the 2,631 votes sources at the elections office told CVN that it appeared that between 1,600 and 1,900 were cast for President Trump....

 ...Reports stated that early votes cast on October 24 were not counted due to a scanner error. Officials said that after a scanner broke the ballots were taken to a second scanner where they were wrongly scanned.

It was also reported that several provisional ballots were counted more than once. There should have only been 141 ballots cast but 216 were counted....

That wasn't a glitch.  The software did exactly what it was programmed to do:  screw up vote batches which were heavy on Trump votes.  Some damn sumbitch found the election fraud, that's all.

By the way:  how does someone "wrongly scan" votes?  Upside down?  Backwards?  

No, this won't change the apparent Biden win in Georgia.  Yet.

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