Saturday, November 28, 2020

What Robin Won't Do

 In Pennsylvania, as we mentioned below, things are going nuclear.

Here's a member of the Legislature:

SB:  "You're saying you're going to get a joint resolution to actually go forward - the Republicans control the House and the Senate - to go forward, to basically take the power back from the Secretary of State and put it in the State Legislature to put forward the electors?"

DM:  "That is exactly what we're gonna do.  And so... look... it's gonna obviously be a struggle, we're gonna hear the palpitations and, you know, the outcries of our Governor Wolf and Secretary Boockvar - whose resignation should have happened months ago, and she shouldn't ever have been confirmed - but, you know what, we have that power, and we're gonna take that power back, because there's so much evidence of shenanigans and fraud, and we can't stand aside and just watch this unfold around us here.  You know, it's not about disenfranchising anybody, it's making sure that every legal vote counted and if there is extensive shenanigans out there, it's up to the General Assembly to step in.  So, we have a fight on our hands, and we're gonna fight, we're gonna take this fight all the way to the US Supreme Court if we have to."

Not a peep from Robin Vos about the 230,000++ illicit votes here.  

That would require manhood.

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