Wednesday, November 18, 2020

DNR Does the Right Thing, Audit Disagrees

To demonstrate that Government is SNAFU, we have this.

A recent audit of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resource's recycling program found the agency to be noncompliant with state statutes and its own rules

The review, conducted by the nonpartisan Legislature Audit Bureau, looked at the DNR's recycling programs, which provide grants to municipalities and counties to cover a portion of the cost of their local programs. 

The audit found that while the DNR was spending money on activities related to recycling, in some cases the specific use was not allowed by statutes

For instance, $807,400 that was intended to be used for administrative matters instead was spent on the reuse of industrial byproducts, such as coal ash, paper mill sludge and foundry sand. The products were reused in construction or other means, in order to avoid sending them to a landfill. ...

You've got to be kidding, right?

DNR facilitated re-use of industrial waste, saving scads of money on dump-sites and providing innovative and effective disposal solutions.  It was a Walker Administration concept, by the way.

But that money was supposed to be spent on BUREAUCRATS, so ..........

Yah.  We pay for this.

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