Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Dr. Shiva Made Simple

 The Captain spent a lot of time doing number and pattern analysis where it really counted:  nuclear power.  He also has a Professional Engineer license.  He understands Dr. Shiva's lecture on the topic of Election Frand.  

(And let's get this straight:  election fraud is NOT 'dead men voting,' which is merely 'vote fraud.'  Election fraud is stealing the whole damn thing while trying to make it look "normal.")


...He[Shiva]  has his detractors in the comments.  Those detractors are too stolid to understand what he said.  I’ve done calculations and data analysis my entire working career as a registered professional engineer.  So let me break this down for you in a method I think you’ll understand and add a few points.

In four important counties in Michigan, [he found] those areas that strongly lean republican voted for Biden when examining non-straight ticket voting.  In other words, republicans didn’t like Trump, even more so than democrats didn’t like Trump (or at least, you have to believe this in order to accept the data, an absurd proposition).  But wait!  The fun is just beginning, and there’s more.

This held true in the superlative for more heavily leaning republican precincts.  In other words, the more heavily leaning republicans didn’t like Trump even more than less heavily leaning republican precincts!  But wait, there’s more!

This trend held true monotonicallyThe line graph depicting this behavior could be curve fitted with a fairly confident correlation coefficient!  But wait, there’s more.

These trend lines in various counties were virtually the same slope!  That’s right.  Virtually every republican leaning precinct had automatons who all felt exactly the same way.

This behavior held true in Michigan ONLY for the four important counties, not the other ones in Michigan.  In other words, the four counties Biden needed to win, and win big, he did, because of this deeply felt, monotonically increasing hatred of Trump in more heavily republican leaning precincts....

You can watch the video at the link.  Shiva has the charts and graphs and does a good job of explaining it.  The Captain merely wrote the Cliff Notes.

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