Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Look at Ratios. The Crooks Didn't!

Long, involved, Teh Scienzzzzs-type of paper on the election.

Here's the fun part:

...Readers might ask: Why are you measuring the ratio? Why not measure the difference between the vote proportions (or, equivalently, their percentages). The answer to this lies in what we are looking for, i.e. evidence of fraud or foul play which manifests in extremely unusual outcomes.  In particular, ratios are almost never used in expressing vote counts (one typically hears of percentages or, when a race is close, numbers) and so anyone committing fraud and looking to “cover their tracks” is more likely to be “gaming” the metrics they’re used to, and much more likely to leave tells in metrics they’re not considering....

Why yes, yes indeed!!  Milwaukee is prominent in the paper, as are Atlanta, Detroit, and Philly.

Did you have to ask?

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