Wednesday, November 18, 2020

All-Time Homicide Record, So Mayor Barrett......

Sure, Milwaukee has an all-time-all-time homicide record.

So what?

Cops have more important things to do.

...Milwaukee police officers will accompany city health inspectors responding to all complaints about COVID-19 safety violations...

(There were 'death threats.'  Death threats are stupid.  Find the perp(s) and lock them up.  Just like Hillary.)

The health propeller-heads showed up ON A SATURDAY (!) JUST BY COINCIDENCE (!!!) at a TRUMP (!!!!) rally.  Held OUTDOORS, mind you.  Barrett claims they were "assaulted,"--but then says "verbally".  Funny thing:  no BLM insurrectionists have been arrested for "verbal assaults" in the City of Milwaukee.

So we have learned that outdoor TRUMP rallies are super-spreader Covid events.

Meantime, bodies pile up in the morgue, afflicted by high-speed lead, knife holes, etc.

Good governance, Tommy-boy!!

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