Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Tin-Pot Tony the Big Spender

 Hard to believe that Tin-Pot Tony Evers is crying poor, but he is.

Wisconsin has $2 billion in general federal COVID-19 aid, a $1.2 billion General Fund balance, $762 million in the Rainy Day Fund and $300 million in reduced state spending, is Wisconsin in crisis?

 So opens an article at MacIver.

And that's a damned good question!

But there's more, of course.

In JULY, Cong. Steil asked Tin-Pot for an accounting of the $1.9 BILLION the State got from the Feds (Trump) for Covid relief.

Tin-Pot has not yet responded to the question.  Instead, we get this:

“The Department of Administration (DOA) is in the process of reviewing expenses to ensure compliance with federal law and Treasury guidance, and I would be happy to provide an update after DOA completes their review.”

Oh.  We're at ONE HUNDRED TWENTY DAYS, Tony.  Granted, you're past embarrassment at your incompetence and general pussy-ness, but really?

Never mind.  A couple billion is just totes not enough!

...The Governor has made a recent continuous push for additional federal aid, saying that the state will have no choice but to cut funding to regular government programs in order to pay for our own COVID response after the CARES Act funds expire on December 31.

...“Essentially, any money for schools is at risk, funding for our healthcare outside of COVID-19 is at risk, there’s a lot of things at risk as part of our state’s budgets and our state’s efforts. COVID-19, we will have to pay for it, but it will be a significant, significant issue for our budget,” Evers said to the press on October 20....


Yah, Tony.  That crap may have worked with your Mommy, but ya'know, this is the real world.  Big boy pants, no diapers, no nice warm bottle before bed.......

No accounting?  No money.

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