Monday, November 30, 2020

Ruh-Roh. Biden Is In Trouble

Nice understandable post here.  Short version:  Biden is in DEEP trouble.

Think Trump was blowing smoke with his "....prove you got 80,000,000 votes...." demand?  

He wasn't.  Play tennis with him:

...if the plaintiff gets the evidence over the net and it travels the proper distance over that half of the court, it's now the defendant's turn.

The defendant does not have a burden of proof, so he doesn't have to get the evidence to any specific point on the plaintiff's side of the net.  He just needs to get it over the net.  There are two ways to do this: he can show that the plaintiff's evidence is factually incorrect (lies or mistakes), or he can introduce more compelling counter-evidence....

So far, so good, right?  Biden can "push back" with any evidence which negates Trump's stuff.

Ahhhhhh...........not so fast, pal.

...There's an evidentiary wrinkle that applies here: "spoliation."  Spoliation occurs when a party intentionally destroys material that might be evidence in a case (even if the case hasn't yet been filed) or must be retained as a matter of law (as is true with election materials).  If you recall, Sidney Powell has stated that Dominion is destroying evidence.

If someone deliberately destroys these documents, there is a legal presumption that the documents' contents support the opposing party's contentions....

So yes, indeed:  Biden has to show that he got 80,000,000 votes.  That's more than Obama ever got.  And just for fun, try this on for size:  while Obama won 670+ counties, Biden only won 450 or so.  Yet Biden got MORE votes than Obama.

...To date, some courts (as, for example, this Obama judge) have said Trump has no evidence.  In fact, Trump has massive evidence for all three categories — and certainly enough to get the election fraud claims over the net onto Biden's side.

The real question is about Biden's return volley.  He must prove either that the eyewitnesses, the mathematical experts, and the equipment experts lied or are mistaken, or he must provide a compelling counter-narrative to explain how he got more votes than Obama did in 2008...

The fat lady hasn't even put on her makeup, much less hit the boards and begun to sing.

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