Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Riots Change Gun-Ownership Attitudes

Yah, well, it IS a "doh" result.  But see below for more creative (bizarre?) rationales.

...The [Gallup] poll found the number of Americans with an appetite for new gun laws on a steady decline. Support fell to 57 percent, down from 64 percent in 2019 and 67 percent in 2018. The number of Americans saying gun laws should be kept the same rose by 6 points over the same period. Support for a handgun ban also fell back to near-record lows with 74 percent opposed to such restrictions....

The analysis from an academic is........interesting.

Jacob D. Charles, executive director of Duke University's Center for Firearms Law, said the decline in support for new gun control is likely due to a number of factors—including increased gun ownership and the lack of recent high-profile mass shootings.

Only an academic could claim that increased purchases of firearms could cause a 'decline in support for new gun control'  Only an academic could ignore Seattle, Portland, D.C., Minneapolis, Kenosha....

Sure.  OK.

PS:  Great Minds.  I'm not a Hot Air reader.  Maybe Morrissey stole it?

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