Monday, November 30, 2020

How Democrats Work

Goes without saying that only damn fools think Democrats are "honorable people."

...Back in 1984, in what became known as “Indiana’s bloody eighth.”

This refers to Indiana’s 8th Congressional District, where, in the 1984 election, the Republican candidate, Richard McIntyre, who was challenging a Democrat incumbent, trailed narrowly on election night but was certified as the winner by 34 votes after a recount (and a second recount put him up by 400 votes). But the House Democratic majority refused to seat McIntyre in January 1985. Democrats voted to keep the seat vacant pending further “investigations” into the vote count. House Dems appointed a three-member select committee, consisting of two Democrats and one Republican, to look into it, and, citing “irregularities,” the full House voted on party lines in April to seat the Democrat incumbent, despite Indiana’s official certification of the Republican McIntyre as the winner. Democrats rejected Republican proposals to have a special election to settle the matter....

Lesson:  don't bet your fortune on the House seating the (R) winner in IA-2.  (6 vote margin.)

We could name a lot of Wisconsin (R) politicians (and hangers-on) who "like" Democrats who are "nice guys/gals."

They are not.  They are power-mad, vote-fraud AND election-fraud perps whose entire life is devoted to "fixing" America--because America is wrong from the git-go.  And they'll lie all day long about it.

Don't be a fool.  Don't trust them and don't bother to "like" them, either.

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