Saturday, November 28, 2020

This Is How You Got Trump

Essay here is a double-whammy.  Not only is Nokona the LAST American glove company--it's the last American BASEBALL glove company.  National pastime?  Hello?

The Deep State is inimical to Trump, but so are the Economic Globalizers.  Those two are the real powers-that-be.  Teachers, kitty-litter writers/editors, and assorted bureaucrats at the state and local level are noisy nuisances, zits on the ass of the elephant, but Big Money and Big Global......they are the 600-lb. canaries.

...America’s power centers continue to champion free trade, despite mounting evidence that it’s proved ruinous for large swaths of society. While free-market fundamentalists declared for decades that a rising tide would lift all boats, researchers at the National Bureau of Economic Research found net job creation has “yet to materialize.” Instead, trade-related job loss produced living conditions in industrial areas “which had not been seen since the Great Depression,” and caused surges in government poverty assistance, divorce rates, violent crime, and opioid overdose deaths.

A separate set of NBER researchers concluded this month that members of Congress “had accurate information” to predict these effects, but “placed a relatively low weight” on the plight of the most vulnerable Americans. Two decades and multiple financial crises later, and taxpayers are routinely asked to bail out firms that upended their lives, while leading financial publications proclaim more globalization is the answer.

“Wall Street will tell you that if you don’t offshore we can’t afford things—really?” Kota said. “They’re lying. The financialization of the manufacturing industry has decimated this country, yet they continue to tell us these things.”...

Many of us saw it happen in real-time and some of us sat in a conference room with Jim Sensenbrenner and told him so.  *Yawn*  Jim will be living on a pension (plus benefits) soon.  Others?  They'll be working until they're dead.

Oh, by the way:  that 'financialiization of manufacturing' thing?  Think Mitt Rommey.  It's' not "piety" that motivates Mittens.  It's the money. 

So yah, the country-mice, the deplorables, the God & Guns bunch, the Flyovers.....the America First heartland......all stood up in '16 and voted in their actual interests:  Trump.

And they did it again in 2020, as we will see very soon.

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Anonymous said...

Use a Nokona glove once and you’ll never want to use anything else.