Friday, November 20, 2020

Did Repulicans Cheat, Too?

Just so we have this Sidney Powell mentioned yesterday following a question from the press, there is a real possibility that Republicans also purchased cyber-votes from Dominion, or used more conventional vote-fraud means to obtain office.

Gaining power through an election means influencing the spend of billions of dollars--which also means bribery is likely, e.g., having one's son or daughter be paid for "work" that they don't or can't do.

Just sayin'.

Just because one is a Republican doesn't mean one is morally straight.


Saint Revolution said...

WashDC = UniParty.

WashDC = Kabuki Theatre.

WashDC = USSA.

Doesn't anyone fear God, dying, death, Judgement, Heaven, hell, afterlife ... any more?

Anonymous said...

It certainly explaines MIKE Dewines behavior and other establishment Republicans in Ohio.