Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Who Killed Flu-A and Flu-B?

A stats-guy who was quoted below noticed that CDC's Flu-A and Flu-B reports did something odd.  They disappeared.  Usually, "flu season" begins in October.......not this year!


 Has the flu joined Cock Robin?  

Or is CDC just trying to flog the crap out of CoVid19?


Eternal verities:

....The public, media, and government alike seem to have adopted a zero-tolerance policy on COVID deaths, or even “cases”. The scare quotes are necessary because what you hear called “cases” are largely not. They are mostly merely infections, the majority of which are past, mild, asymptomatic, and false—i.e., not real. There are also many repeats on the same individuals reported as “new”. A case is an individual seeking and requiring treatment, which most people infected with this bug do not.

We will never reach zero COVID deaths. We have never reached zero flu and pneumonia deaths. And never will. We have had a flu vaccine for half a century, but deaths have not ceased....

Plenty more at the link!

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