Sunday, November 22, 2020

Milwaukee Pravda vs. Practicing Doctors

Since Ron Johnson is a Republican, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Pravda cannot abide anything he does.

So when Johnson hosts three PRACTICING doctors who attest to the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine,  Pravda finds a non-practicing doctor from Ralph Nader's outfit, an opthamologist, and an "advisor" to FDA, who panned the drug.

Remember that what is NOT present in "news" stories is just as important as what is present?

The "news" story here did not mention "EARLY" hydroxy-intervention--which actually allows stay-at-home treatment--nor did the JS' other cited studies mention the combination of hydroxy + zinc + Z-pack, which has worked on patients the PRACTICING doctors treated.

But hey!  If you get this damn thing, see your doc right away, and tell him what YOU want for treatment.  And yes, the alternative hospital-plus-Remdesivir treatment you get in late-stage Covid-19  costs a metric s**t-ton more.  (Did I say "RIGHT AWAY"?  Yes, indeed.)

You choose.

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