Saturday, November 28, 2020

Trump v. Mark Belling. Trump Wins

This should be fun.

...The Trump campaign is seeking to disqualify 238,420 ballots cast during the Nov. 3 election between Dane and Milwaukee counties, according to a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel analysis — an effort that has been unsuccessful so far as part of recounts in both counties but could end up in court. ...

That INCLUDES in-person early votes, the ones Mark Belling has been flogging for years.

Math:  if Milwaukee and Dane Counties went 65/35 for Biden, then on a draw-down, Biden loses ~155,000 votes; Trump loses only ~80,000.  But Biden, with his current (fraudulent) 20,000 vote margin, loses the State.

Seems that the in-person early votes do NOT have a separate ballot application, which is required by Wisconsin statute.  Clerks--taking the advice of the notoriously "make-it-up-on-the-fly" Wisconsin Elections Commission Commission to Elect Democrats--have considered the envelope to be 'the application,' an interpretation which is silly on its face.

And, under Equal Treatment law, the campaign is also requesting that ALL the "indefinitely confined" ballots be scrapped.  Every voter in the State MUST show ID--except those who self-identify as "indefinitely confined."  That's not "equal treatment" is it? 


Belling--as we noted earlier--has already given up the fight and is tending to his horsies.  Yesterday, the rest of the WISN on-air staff gave up, too.  It's easier to get along if you go along, right?


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