Tuesday, November 24, 2020

"Move On"? NUTS!

A number of "conservative" Republicans are showing their petticoats with the 'move on, leave office, who cares' message to Trump.  Here's oneHere's another. They are joined by a lot of RadioMouths and TeeVee pretty-boys--not to mention the pixels people.

The correct response to them and their Democrat allies?


They may 'move on' and allow thieves to clean out their homes or to rape their wives and daughters or steal another election.  And no, there's no real difference in the end.

Real men will not.

Briggs, "Statistician to the Stars" is right.

...We’ve all seen, as expected, neoconmen and the Big Con denizens surrendering en masse, and, worse, asking men of courage to sulk away with them. They want us to put on Rod Dreher glasses, re-up our subscriptions to NRO and giggle, “Wait until 2024—unless running against President Kamala is racist. Which it will be. Wait until 2028!”

These fine people all say “accept the results.” We cannot. There are no results.

That is the point of investigating the fraud, to prove any claim of results is premature. Surrendering when the battle can still be won solely to save your “reputation” is pathetic and cowardly. The one conservative thing about the left is that they never go down without a fight. The one constant of the limp-wristed right is being nice at the expense of victory....

Briggs is working on projects related to the Election Fraud of 2020 and will have more to say later.


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