Thursday, November 19, 2020

Mayor Barrett Starting Race War in Milwaukee

The Democrats are desperately trying to cover up their election heist in Wisconsin.

So Mayor Tommy Barrett, a doddering and failing official--has lit the fuse on a race war.

...Rather than seeking a recount of the entire state in his longshot bid to reverse the Nov. 3 election results, Trump's campaign said it would focus only on Dane and Milwaukee counties. The two counties — the state's largest — are Democratic strongholds, with Milwaukee home to the state's largest percentage of Black and Latino voters.

"No surprise, Donald Trump has been consistent. He'll go after communities of color, and he'll go after communities where there are lots of Democrats,"...

Exactly the race-mongering done in Wayne County, MI by another desperate white guy.

The actual war, Tommy-Boy, is on the streets of your city, now with an all-time record for homicides and six weeks remaining in the year.

Mind your own business, Tommy.


Anonymous said...

Good, if the race war cometh, then maybe our dear host will actually become a foot solder rather than an armchair warrior.

Dad29 said...

Unlike girly-girl "anonymous," eh?

If war begins......stop by to observe!

Anonymous said...

Unlike the pseudonym Dad29???

Listen, if you were serious, you would have executed your threats by now.

Dad29 said...


Best advice ever given in a civil war: Keep your powder dry.

Of course, wisdom does not penetrate your skull....but try this time.